Aerial Inspection

Thermal Imaging

Remote Sensing

UAV Mapping

Accredited Thermal Imaging Specialist

Asset & Infrastructure Inspection

Visual inspection at height is dangerous, expensive and time consuming. Drones offer a fantastic modern solution. Various industries are beginning to reap the benefits.

Thermal Inspection & Analysis

We provide professional thermal imaging surveys to national standards. Utilising both aerial and ground based thermography.

Mapping & Photogrammetry

Detailed mapping of large areas using drones as opposed to traditional data collection methods saves countless hours on the ground, resulting in greater time & money efficiencies.

Extra Services

As well as Photography, Videography and Media package we also offer Consultancy & Advice services if you are considering developing in-house drone capabilities.

Reduce Risk Increase Revenue

Using the latest UAV platforms and sensors

RTF Imaging Ltd provide detailed inspection at height and aerial mapping services using UAV or ‘drone’ technology

Goal-driven design


Clients as partners




Quality over quantity


“Falling from height is the number one cause of death in the workplace, we aim to reduce the number of manned ‘working at height’ activities”

Russell Trump

Company Director

Drone Technology,
In Full Confidence

Fully Licenced

UAV specialists operating throughout the UK, with Permission for Commercial Operation from the UK CAA, day or night.


Coupled with the safety of full flight redundancy, we hold £10m public liability insurance policy.

Accredited Thermal Imaging Specialists

Based on the south coast and operating nationally, we are a family run business with over ten years experience in the construction industry and contracting to large organisations in the commercial sector.

Our primary objectives are to provide businesses with a range of data gathering and inspection services to help improve safety and productivity. Using the latest platforms and up-to-date sensors we are minimising operational downtime and provide our clients with faster, cheaper, more effective and more versatile data than previously possible. We have a keen interest in reducing the number of manned operations at height.

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