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Commercial & Industrial, Asset & Infrastructure Inspection

UAV inspection is a fantastic modern solution and the use cases are ever expanding and various industries are beginning to reap the benefits.

We are acutely aware that visual inspection is a mandatory part of remaining compliant with insurance obligations as well as forming a critical part of any effective maintenance programme. In many cases this is a time consuming and extensive process, which rapidly eats into a company’s profit margins. That effect can be multiplied many times when a critical asset has to be isolated for long periods in order to facilitate a thorough and methodical inspection.

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Our main inspection platform is capable of carrying out inspections whilst your radio or electrical equipment is live, reducing the need for shut down procedures and downtime.

The benefits of drone technology can be applied to a number of aspects of your inspection processes.

Accessing and covering large areas at height is a risky and expensive part of running a business for many people.


  • Increase safety, reduce human workloads at height
  • Reduce costly down-time and non-productive time
  • Save previously lost revenue with faster inspections
  • No rope technicians, scaffold or assisted access required
  • Fast deployment, no costly set-up & striking time losses
  • View HD data in real time, with your inspectors on-site
  • Review recorded 4K footage, your team don’t need to be on-site
  • Inspect live radio & electromagnetic equipment, minimised risk
  • Maximum peace of mind with fully redundant electronic systems
  • High quality data collection using the latest sensor technology

Safety at Work

Activities such as roof access, for example, have become increasingly difficult in recent years as legislation around health and safety has been tightened in an effort to combat the number of deaths and injuries that arise from working at height.

It remains the number one cause of death at work, despite having been reduced significantly in the previous decade.

Unmanned aviation alleviates many of the concerns associated with people work at height. We can provide detailed inspection reports, suitable for provision during insurance applications or legal procedures, or to use alongside existing service or maintenance schedules.