Drone FAQ’s

General Drones

  • – Drones imporve health and safety.
  • – Drones collect in-depth and detailed data.
  • – Rapid deployment.
  • – Flexiblity, will suit the majority of inspections.
  • – Easily shareable data.
  • – Ability to inspect the difficult to reach and hazardous areas.
  • – Reduces insurance costs.
  • – Saves time and reduces costs.

We can fly inside, providing the area is big enough and meets our safety regulations.

Category: General Drones

Yes, there are options for live video transmission from the air to a field monitor or even video goggles.

Category: General Drones
  • – Prohibited to fly near airports or airfields.
  • – Height restrictions of below 400ft (120m).
  • – Drone should be observed at all times – stay 150ft (50m) away from people, vehicles and buildings.
  • – Never fly near aircraft.
Category: General Drones

We shoot in ultra high definition 4K and can provide 1080p HD footage.

Category: General Drones

Photogrammetry is the use of photography in surveying and mapping. It’s used to measure distances between objects, and photogrammetry software creates 3D renderings.

Category: General Drones

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