Thermal Inspection & Analysis

Thermal Inspection & Analysis

Thermal inspection and qualified thermography are an essential tool, not only for clearly displaying energy losses but also for assisting in leak detection or monitoring heat loss through ineffective or missing insulation.

Thermography is a powerful asset integrity tool. It can provide you with detailed, non-destructive, analysis of your assets and equipment allowing you to make informed corrective decisions regarding the efficiently a component. Or to assist in the assessment of remaining life expectancy.

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Thermal Inspection can help establish any wear and tear within your rotating components such as bearings, bushings and other moving parts. Other fantastic applications can be found in monitoring faults and overheating electrical components due to a breakdown in insulation, excessive current, inductive heating, poor terminal connections or irregularities in manufacturing and production.

Using a combination of hand held thermal imaging equipment we can offer non-destructive inspection of your internal equipment such as distribution boards and transformers as well as offering our aerial services in this department.

During post processing the images are thermally tuned and corrected to produce a composite image. Your data is passed on to the industry leading thermography experts at iRed in Hampshire for best results.


  • Building Surveys for insulation continuity, thermal bridging, air leakage, moisture detection and thermal indexing. 
  • Flat roof inspections detecting water ingress and associated energy losses
  • Photovoltaic inspections,  identifying individual panel defects, faulty converters and overgrown vegetation 
  • Civil structures such as bridges and other concrete structures can be assessed to discover cracks and water ingress 
  • Internal building inspections using handheld thermal imaging equipment for moisture ingress, energy loss or looking at heating systems
  • Non-destructive identification and monitoring for wear & tear in plant and machinery such as motors or pumps


  • Increase safety, reduced human workloads at height
  • Non-destructive testing to identify areas of interest in many environments, indoors or out
  • Simultaneous radiometric thermal video & 4K visual footage can be overlaid or viewed separately
  • Fast deployment & real-time data capture
  • Maximum peace of mind with fully redundant electronic systems
  • High quality data collection using the latest sensor technology
  • Expert thermographic analysis and comprehensive reports from trusted industry leaders